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Wildfire Scooters:

Wildfire Motors is a powersports company operating in Steubenville, Ohio. In addition to motor scooters they also sell motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, go-karts, rail buggies, dirt bikes, electric bikes, generators, and even corn furnaces.

Wildfire Scooters are a brand of scooter sold and distributed entirely by Wildfire Motors. Given they are the sole source of the brand, they've been one of the few successful Ebay sellers of motor scooters. A lot of people who have bought a scooter from other Ebay dealers have found themselves stuck between the Ebay dealer and scooter distributor when they needed help with their new scooter. But because Wildfire Motors are the sole source of all Wildfire Scooters, they back everything they sell on Ebay and have proven it with feedback from over 2900 Ebay customers (as of July 2008).

Wildfire Scooters come in both 50cc and 150cc engines, and usually two dozen or more Widlfire Scooters are listed on Ebay at any given time. The Ebay listings below show Wildfire Scooters currently available on Ebay right now. Check back to this page often and you might just pick up a good bargain on one.

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