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Where to Buy a Motor Scooter

Where one decides to buy a scooter is usually determined by two factors: 1) Cost; and 2) Warranty.


Brick and mortar scooter shops are where most motor scooters are sold. However, with many people looking to motor scooters to save money on the high price of gas, the local scooters shops struggle to provide these customers with a scooter they can readily and easily afford. In some instances it can take many years of driving a scooter before the money saved on gas covers the cost of a $5000+ scooter. The overhead of running a business in a decent retail location is a huge cost to any business owner, and those costs need to be passed on to the scooter buyer.

If you have enough money to spend with a local brick and mortar dealer, use the "Local Motor Scooter Dealers" link in the menu on the upper left hand side of this website to find a local motor scooter dealer. Or you can use an internet service such as www.PowersportsTV.com as a quick and easy way to find local dealers, as well as get a free quote from them. To find a scooter dealer using their service, select "Motorcycle" in the "type" field. Some Honda scooter models you can search for include the Silverwing (starts around $6500), or the Ruckus (starts around $2,000 - if a 49cc engine is enough for you). Or anything listed under Kymco is likely to be a scooter. The results you get will give you a good idea of what the brick and mortar stores in your area are charging for scooters.

But one way to avoid such high costs in the price of a scooter from local dealers is to buy one off of eBay, where sellers don’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar store to pass on to the customer. The lowest priced scooters found on eBay can sell at around $800 for the same thing you could pick up at a brick and mortar store for $1200 to $2500. But there’s one thing you’ll get at that brick and mortar store that you won’t get from eBay … a warranty.


Sure, the eBay seller will likely say there’s a six month warranty on the scooter in the auction before you decide to buy it, but good luck using the warranty after the sale. If you go back to the eBay seller and need a part replaced under warranty you’ll likely find that not only does the eBay seller not have the part, but he doesn’t even have scooters at his location. When you sent him the money after winning his auction, he skimmed his profit off the top, turned around and put your scooter order in with a distributor, who then shipped the scooter directly to you. When you need a part under warranty, the eBay seller will point you to his distributor, who will likely tell you that you need to work with the “company” that sold it to you. The company in this instance being a guy who was selling scooters on eBay from his basement. But given the part you need for them to provide is likely somewhere in China anyway, even if one of them actually takes ownership of the warranty you were promised, it could take months for your part to arrive.

eBay is great for getting things at a low price, but eBay is not a good place to buy items that really need to be backed by a good warranty, like a scooter. So the consumer has to decide what’s more important to them, a lower cost, or a better warranty... or do they?

Online Scooter Dealers

A reputable online scooter dealer is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a scooter at prices found on eBay, and a warranty as good as a brick and mortar store. Most scooters manufactured overseas are already specifically designed and packaged to be shipped and delivered over long distances. And when you buy from the right online dealer the scooter you buy is distributed and sold by one company.

Because an online dealer's business model does not require the overhead of retail stores, their scooters sell at eBay prices. The lowest priced models are below $900 (including free shipping directly to your door). Larger engine models begin selling below $1200. And even more important, since it is one company that both sells and distributes directly to you, the warranty that comes with your scooter won't come with “finger pointing” between the seller and the distributer.

And because online dealers can offer more models than a brick and mortar store, not only does an online dealer offer the price that the consumer needs, and the warranty that the consumer needs, but it also offers the sizes and styles that the consumer wants.

So, Where Should You Buy a Scooter?

There is no clear cut answer that applies to everyone. Some people should buy a scooter online, where as some people should really avoid it all together. That answer really depends on who you are. And that's what this website is designed to do... help you find the motor scooter that's right for you. If you think buying a scooter online is a possible option for you, then you should read Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter, to get an idea of what the experience of purchasing a scooter online is like. If you know you don't want to purchase a scooter online, then just stick with the Local Scooter Dealer tools we provide.

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