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Roketa Scooter

Vespa Scooters

We love Vespa scooters. Vespa scooters are the epitome of what riding a scooter is all about. Vespa scooters encapsulate the timelessness of the moment, the tradition of history, and turn Italian fantasy into reality. If you can afford a Vespa scooter, by all means buy one.

With that being said, we also love Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini too. Likewise, if you can afford a Porsche, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, we recommend that you buy one as well.

What's the point? Well, it's fairly simple. Even as much as we love Vespa, they are expensive. The least expensive Vespa has an MSRP of $3199, and that's just for a 50cc scooter. The least expensive 150cc Vespa has an MSRP of $4199. If you buy a Vespa you will be paying top dollar for your scooter.

Not that there's any thing wrong with that. But is it really necessary? If you need a car, do you really need to buy a Porsche if a Kia or Hyundai will do? The bottom line is despite just how much better Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini cars are over Kia and Hyundai cars, the simple fact of the matter is Kia and Hyundai are always going to sell more cars than Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini because for the vast majority of people cost matters.

When cost matters, a scooter buyer can get a Vespa style scooter for under $900. These deals are possible for two significant reasons. First, the scooters are built in China where labor costs are far less than they are in Italy. And second, the scooters are sold by online dealers who do not have to pass on the overhead of a retail establishment in the cost of each scooter.

Are you going to get Vespa scooter quality for a third of the price of a Vespa? Obviously not. As we've said before, if you can afford a Vespa scooter, then buy one. The quality of a Vespa scooter is second to none. But for those that can't afford $4199 for a 150cc scooter, being able to pick up a Vespa style 150cc scooter for less than $1100 is a fantastic option.

For more information on current pricing and how to buy Vespa style scooters online, click on the vendor links below.

Online vendors of 50cc Vespa style scooters:

EVOsales.com - the 50cc Classic

TheGoStore.com - the Charming 50cc

GlobalTrailer.net - the Italia Touring 50

BrandsPlace.com - the Roketa Sicily MC-17 50

OutBikes.com - the Urban Viaggio 50

Online vendors of 150cc Vespa style scooters:

EVOsales.com - the Retro Vespa 150

EVOsales.com - the 150cc Classic

GlobalTrailer.net - the Sicilian 150

GlobalTrailer.net - the Torrino 150

Family-Motorsports.com - the Retro 150

Family-Motorsports.com - the Shadow 150

Amazon.com - the Roketa Capri MC-16 150

Amazon.com - the Roketa Sicily MC-17 150

BrandsPlace.com - the Roketa Capri MC-16 150

BrandsPlace.com - the Roketa Sicily MC-17 150

OutBikes.com - the Urban Viaggio 150

Videos of Vespa style scooters:

Vespa Scooters

Vespa Scooters at every day low prices. Shop for Vespa Scooters.
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