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Tank Scooters:

Tank Sports, Inc. first incorporated in 2001 under the name Bi-Tank, Inc. In 2004, the company changed its name to “Tank Sports, Inc.”. Tank's offices and warehouse are located in El Monte, California.

Tank designs, engineers and markets motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, dirt bikes and go-karts worldwide. Through its system of contracted OEM suppliers Tank provides very affordable prices for its products. Tank also employs on site quality control teams in China and Mexico to facilitate production with their OEM suppliers.

Tank is essentially the "sister" company of Roketa Motorsports. While there is no legal or business connection between the two companies, everything about the two companies is so similar it's uncanny. The scooters they bring to market are for the most part built in the same factories and by the same same specifications. The result being the only significant difference there is between the products is the brand name attached to it. Even the marketing materials for both companies are sourced from the same content as seen by their video commercial to the right.

While Roketa's name may be more recognized as their products are distributed in greater number, there is literally little to no difference between Tank and Roketa products, so much so that some distributors and resellers of Tank and Roketa products market their models as being one in the same. When you order a specific scooter, the supplier may provide you one with either the Tank or Roketa name on it. While this may seem like an odd practice, the oddity is really just how similar this two "seperate" companies are.

Tank Scooters:

Urban Viaggio 50cc
Urban Classic 50cc
Urban Econo 50cc
Urban 50cc
Urban Sporty 50cc

Urban Racer DE 150cc
Urban Sporty 150cc
Urban Touring 150 Deluxe
Urban Viaggio 150cc
Classic 150cc
Sporty 150 Euro
Touring 150 Executive
Sporty 150
Sporty 150 Deluxe
Racer 150 DS
Racer 150 Deluxe
Racer 150
Touring 150 Special
Racer 150 TR16

Touring 250
Touring 250 Deluxe

Tank Motorcycles:

Mini Custom 50
Vision 250 R1
Vision 250 R3
Vision Econo 250E
Vision Topline Khaos 250
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