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50cc - 150cc - 250cc                                    Information, Resources, and Tips to Help You Buy the Right Motor Scooter  
We recommed that you read our article "Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter" before purchasing a scooter online.

Width 26"
Length 74"
Height 41"
Wheel Base 51.5"
Seat Height 31"
Ground Clearance 6"
Dry Weight 209LBS
Max Load 211LBS
Front Rim/Tire 120/70 - 12"
Front Brake DISC
Front Suspension TWIN
Rear Rim/Tire 130/60 - 12 "
Rear Brake DISC
Rear Suspension TWIN
HP 8.84HP
Top Speed 68mph
Mileage Estimates 60~65mpg
Battery Amp 7 AMP
Cooling AIR
Cylinder 1
Cycle 4
Start Method CDI, KICK
Transmission AUTOMATIC
Oil Type 10W - 40
Oil Cap 1.2L
Gas Tank Cap 0.875 GALLON
Muffler SINGLE

The Tank Urban Sporty 150cc Scooter:

Tank Scooter
The Tank Urban Sporty 150cc Scooter features a 150cc engine that can reach top speeds of 60+ miles an hour. The Sporty 150 has an engined tuned for speed. This motor scooter also comes with hydraulic ABS disc brakes on the front wheel.

The scooter also features two starting systems. The electric start starting system makes starting easy for anyone. The kick start can also be used at any time. The emergency shut off feature enables with one press of button a quick shut down of the engine. The Bahama MC-07 150 Scooter also comes installed with a fully automatic transmission which is operated by the simple to use 'twist & go' throttle acceleration. There is a large storage compartment located underneath the seat.

The Urban Sporty 150 is essentially the exact same scooter as the Roketa Bahama MC-07 150. They are produced in the exact same factories and by the exact sames specifications.

The Tank Urban Sporty 150 can be purchased online from OutBikes.com and EVOsales.com (note: Tank, Roketa, and Peace all sell the same scooter, just re-branded).

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