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We recommed that you read our article "Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter" before purchasing a scooter online.

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Haynes Techbooks for Chinese Scooters

These books are recommended for anyone who purchased or is considering purchasing a scooter online. It covers repair and maintenance procedures for scooters with 50cc engines all the way up to 250cc engines. These are by far the most highly recommended books for Chinese motor scooter enthusiasts.
Colors available : Red,blue,black,silver
Features : *
Decals (Y/N) : Y
Tool kit (Y/N) : Y
Remote start (Y/N) : Y
Remote engine stop (Y/N) : Y
Remote alarm (Y/N) : Y
Speed limiter (Y/N) : N
Assembly required : Front/rear tires,battery,rearview mirror
Engine type : 4-stroke,single cylinder,CVT
Engine brand : *
Displacement : 250cc
Cooling : water cooled
Max horsepowe : 16.6hp
Max torque : 19.5n.m
Bore*stroke : 2.7*2.6inches
Max speed : 68.3mile/h
Climbing ability : <18degree
Ignition : C.D.I
Starting system : Electric
Battery : 12V9Ah
Carburetor brand : PD30J
Engine oil : SAE15W/40SF
Gear oil : 85W/40
Clutch : Automatic
Transmission : *
Driveline : *
Driving wheel : Rear wheel drive
Suspension,front/rear : Double a-arm/single a-arm
Brakes,front/rear : Disc
Brake operation : Hand
Tires,front/rear : 130/60-13
Fuel capacity/type : 3.4gal
Weight,G.W./N.W : 341.7/319.6lbs
Max load : 385.8lbs
Wheelbase : 59.8inches
OA L*W*H : <87.4*28.3*53.1inches
Height to seat : 29.5inches
Min ground clearance : 5.1inches
Carton size : 87.7*27.7*4.8inches
Shipping info : 34pcs/40HQ

The Roketa MC-54 250B Scooter:

Roketa Scooter

The Roketa MC-54 250B is by far the most popular Roketa motor scooter to date. The popularity of this model seems to stem from the fact that this model is manufactured by Jonway/JM-Star, which is arguably one of the better China motor scooter manufacturing plants, ranking up there with Zongshen as having the best quality coming out of China.

The 16.6 horsepower of the Linhai-Yamaha 257cc cloned engine can reach top speeds of more than 68 miles per hour, allowing this motor scooter to cruise easily on most US highways. With 13" wheels, the ride is smoother than other 250cc scooters with 12" wheels. The scooter features disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, and ABS has been added to the front wheel. The fully automatic transmission is operated by the simple to use 'twist & go' throttle acceleration. At 60 MPG, and with the large 3.4 gallon fuel tank, this motor scooter has a cruising distance of over 200 miles, with ample storage space.

Need Parts for a Roketa?

Try PartsForScooters.com
The Roketa MC-54 250B is a top of the line touring model, featuring a smooth, agile suspension, MP3 media player, a remote starter, as well as ample storage under the seat, in the dashboard, and in the included rear trunk.

If you are considering purchasing a 250cc motor scooter or motorcycle online, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by not considering this model. Not only are many enthusiasts reporting on the internet that they are happy with this model, but the large volume of distribution of this model is also creating a an economic demand for parts, which is quickly being filled by suppliers. This model is becoming one of the easiest China manufactured scooters to find parts for.

Other Roketa 250cc scooters to consider are the MC-68A 250 and the Bali MC-13 250.

If you like the looks of the MC-54 250, but would rather have a 150cc engine, opt for the MC-54 150.

If you are skeptical of purchasing a motor scooter from an internet dealer, we recommend that you read THIS ARTICLE to get an idea of what buying a motor scooter online would be like. People have been buying motor scooters online for many years. Buying motor scooters online is by far the best way to save thousands of dollars on such a major purchase.

The Roketa MC-54 250B can be purchased online from EVOsales.com, GlobalTrailer.net (sold as the "Scout"), MishiPowersports.com and Family-Motorsports.com.

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