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MC-07 50
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MC-17 50


MC-04 150
MC-07 150
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MC-17 150
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MC-54 150
MC-68A 150


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MC-04 150cc

Only $1099.00
MC-07 50cc

Only $979.00
MC-07 150cc

Only $1199.00
MC-08 50cc

Only $879.00
MC-09 200cc

Only $1649.00
MC-13 150cc

Only $1199.
MC-13 250cc

Only $2499.00
MC-16 150cc

Only $1099.00
MC-17 50cc

Only $899.00
MC-17 150cc

Only $989.00
MC-19 150cc

Only $1499.00
MC-51 250cc

Only $2499.00
MC-54 150cc

Only $1599.00
MC-54b 250cc

Only $1,798.00
MC-68a 150cc

Only $1749.00

  Roketa Scooters

Roketa Motorsports was founded in 2004 as a company to import and wholesale motor scooters and motorcycles, ATVs, and go karts. It’s actually a DBA (doing business as) entity under the parent company Goldenvale Inc, a Chinese owned corporation based on Ontario, California with offices in Los Angeles and Dallas.

Roketa scooters are by far the most well known “Chinese” brand of motor scooters in the U.S., making headway in the market through online sales distribution. The online approach allowed Roketa scooters to penetrate the American scooter market fairly quickly, but early on they inherited a reputation of limited availability of parts and after sales support.

Hayne's Chinese
Scooter Repair

This is also what foreign automobile manufacturers have gone through when penetrating the American market. When automobile brands like Honda, Toyota, and Datsun (now Nissan) began selling in the U.S., they too suffered from quick reputations of poor support and parts availability. Many an auto shop would post signs in their businesses stating that they don’t work on foreign cars. But as these foreign brands began building their infrastructures for parts, service and quality control in the U.S. their reputations not only recovered, but many a car enthusiast will tell you that they are better than American made automobiles.

Likewise, Roketa scooters' first few years in the American motor scooter market weren't smooth, but we are already seeing improvements in quality in Roketa scooters, as well as parts availability. In fact, most active members in scooter enthusiast sites on the Internet will tell you the quality of Roketa scooters, as well as parts availabilty in the US, has improved in the past couple of years, so much so that even trusted retailers such as Amazon.com now carry Roketa scooters.

Need Parts for a Roketa?

Try PartsForScooters.com
The value of Roketa scooters is by far the cost. Roketa scooters sell anywhere from half to one third the cost of similar well known name brands. Given the prices, dealers of other brands with high sales prices frequently resort to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) marketing tactics in order to compete with Roketa scooters, making the case that a person should be afraid of buying Roketa scooters (or any Chinese brand), instead of qualifying why the brand they sell costs two to three times as much.

Ultimately a person with interest in buying Roketa scooters is a completely different person than a person with interest in buying a Honda or Vespa scooter. Much like a person with interest in buying a Hyundai or Kia is a completely different person than a person with interest in buying a BMW or Jaguar. People buy Roketa scooters because the numbers add up in their favor - just do the math.

When it’s accepted that Roketa scooters don't compete in the high end motor scooter market, but in the low cost motor scooter market, we can see Roketa scooters for what they are. Roketa scooters are the most widely distributed low cost brand of motor scooters in North America. If you are considering buying low cost scooter, motorcycle ATV, or go kart, with the amount of volume and growth Roketa has had since 2004, Roketa should be highly considered.

The flagship motor scooter from Roketa is by far the Roketa MC-54 250cc scooter. This Roketa scooter has garnered a following on the internet as being THE scooter to buy if you are purchasing a scooter online.

The most popular 150cc Roketa is the Sicily MC-17 150, a classic Italian designed scooter that appeals to the scooter buyer looking for some style. It is closely followed by the Capri MC-16 150 which is similarly designed with a classic Italian style.

For those looking for a touring 150cc model, we recommend the Bali MC-13 150 or the MC-68A 150.

6 minute Roketa video commercial:
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