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We recommed that you read our article "Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter" before purchasing a scooter online.

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Colors available


Decals (Y/N) Y
Tool kit (Y/N) Y
Remote start (Y/N) N
Remote engine stop (Y/N) N
Remote alarm (Y/N) N
Speed limiter (Y/N) N
Assembly required Front tires,front wheel fender,rearview mirror,steering hand
Engine type 4-Stroke,single cylinder ,CB
Engine brand *
Displacement 250cc
Cooling Water cooled
Max horsepowe 17hp/8500rpm
Bore*stroke 2.5*2.4inches
Max speed 65mile/h
Climbing ability 20 degree
Ignition C.D.I
Starting system Electric/kick
Battery 12V/9Ah
Carburetor brand PZ30
Engine oil 15W/40-SE
Gear oil *
Clutch Manual
Transmission International gear
Driveline Chain-drive
Driving wheel *
Suspension,front/rear *
Brakes,front/rear Disc/drum
Brake operation Hand+foot
Tires,front/rear 3.00-10   100/90-18
Fuel capacity/type 2.3 gal
Weight,G.W./N.W 352.7/282.1lbs
Max load 330.6lbs
Wheelbase 53.1inches
OA L*W*H 82.2*26.3*44.4inches
Height to seat 33.4inches
Min ground clearance 7.87inches
Carton size 75.9*22.8*41.7inches
Shipping info 24pcs/20HQ,48pcs/40HQ

The Roketa Santa Fe MC 47 250cc Motorcycle:

The Fully Automatic Tansmission Motorcycle

Also sold as the CF Moto V3 250

Roketa Scooter

The Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250 is a fully automatic transmission motorcycle. The 250cc water cooled engine produces 17 horsepower which powers the Santa Fe MC-47 up to 65 MPH, while getting you 60 MPG. At 65 MPH this 250cc motorcycle is capable of highway travel.

The look and feel of the Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250 makes it seem like it has a much bigger engine than the 250cc that it contains. Many other 250cc street legal motorcycles look like nothing more than glorified dirt bikes, and handled on the road like a small bike as well. Yet this 250cc motorcycle looks and rides like a bigger sportsbike with three major benefits: 1) it doesn't give the rider more engine than they can handle (great for new riders or veteran riders who want a smaller engine); 2) the automatic transmission (great for new riders who don't want to learn to shift, or veteran riders who are tired of shifting); and 3) it doesn't cost nearly as much as other motorcycles with the same "big motorcycle" look and feel.

Other benefits include of course the gas savings of a 250cc engine. The Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250s gets upwards of 60 MPG, depending on the amount of weight and how it is driven.

Braking is provided by front hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheel, and drum brakes on the rear. The MC-47 also includes an AM/FM/Cassette/MP3 sound system.

The Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250 has a maximum load of 330 lbs, allowing it to handle two riders. The height to seat is 33.4 inches, which gives average height riders the ability to place both feet on the ground when at a complete stop. Shorter riders may find the seat height to be too high.

With the modern sportsbike design and the good use of chrome the Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250 is a vehicle to be proud of while riding. And most importantly you'll be proud that you didn't need to take out a loan for your motorcycle purchase.

The Roketa MC-47 250 is essentially the exact same motorcycle as the CF Moto V3 250. Both are built in the exact same factories in China, and to the exact same specifications. This rebranding of a vehicle is no different than automobiles that are built in the same factories and same specifications but sold by different automobile brands.

If you are skeptical of purchasing a motorcycle from an internet motorcycle dealer, we recommend that you read THIS ARTICLE to get an idea of what buying a motorcycle online would be like. People have been buying motor scooters online for many years. These online scooter dealers are now extending their infrastructures to sell motorcycles as well. Buying motor scooters and motorcycles online is by far the best way to save thousands of dollars on such a major purchase.

If the thought of an automatic motorcycle appeals to you, but you would rather have a cruiser than a sportsbike, CF Moto also sells the V5 250, which is a fully automatic cruiser motorcycle. The CF Moto V5 250 is available from BlackTopMotorsports.com.

You may also want to also look at other Roketa Motorcycles, such as a 250cc Cruiser or a 200cc Sportsbike.

The Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 (or the CF Moto V3 250) can be purchased online from EVOsales.com.

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