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Motorcycle Scooters:

Motorcycle scooters get the name "motorcycle scooter" from the fact that many of them are just scooter engines built onto motorcycle frames (as opposed to the traditional step through frame of scooters). This has lead to the recent popularity of automatic motorcycles, as the automatic transmissions of scooters transfered over with the engines. But only a handful of motorcycle scooters are automatic. The CF Moto motorcycles are automatics, as well as the Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250. The rest are standard shifts.

The value of motorcycles scooters are they don't look like most other 250cc street legal motorcycles that are just basically glorified dirt bikes, which look, feel, and ride like a small bike on the road. Although motorcycle scooters have a 250cc engine they look, feel, and ride like a bigger motorcycle. This is great for beginner motorcycle riders who don't want more engine than they can handle, as well as experienced riders who have learned that they don't like big engines.

Motorcycle scooters require a motorcycle endorsement in every state to ride on the street. Typically motorcycle scooters have a maximum speed of between 60-70 miles per hour, although some riders (and even dealers) claim to top 80 MPH. Motorcycle scooters will usually return around 60 MPG for most riders. However, given their power they can be riden to produce far less. The following is a list of 250cc scoooters that are available for purchase online. 250cc scooters available online can cost as little as $1499 (for 200cc models) to as much as $3800 depending on the brand and the dealer. We recommend that you read THIS ARTICLE before purchasing any motor scooter online.

CF Moto Motorcycle Scooters
CF Moto V3 250cc Motorcycle Scooter

Roketa Motorcycle Scooters
Roketa RSL MC-09 200cc Motorcycle Scooter
Roketa Santa Fe MC-47 250cc Motorcycle Scooter
Roketa Tonga MC-51 250cc Motorcycle Scooter

Tank Motorcycle Scooters
Tank Vision R3 250cc Motorcycle Scooter

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