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Hyosung Motorcycles and Scooters:

The Hyosung Group is a Korean corporation that operates in numerous industrial fields including chemicals, motors and machinery, information technology, trade, and construction. In Korea they are mostly known for high-end apartments and ATM machines. In the United States they are mostly known for their motorcycles.

Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was founded in 1978 as a division of the Hyosung Group. For the first few years they operated by producing Suzuki motorcycle models under license for the Korean market. Eight years later they established their own research and development center and began producing their own designs. In the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, they were the Olympic official motorcycle supplier.

Recently Hyosung has been importing 250cc and 650cc motorcycles into the US market, providing consumers with an option between the more expensive Japanese brands and the cheap motorcycle brands built in China. In 2003, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was spun off from the Hyosung Group, and then in June of 2007 they were acquired by Korean company S&T Motors.

Hyosung has found a niche with consumers needing a “beginner” motorcycle without looking like they’re riding a “beginner” motorcycle. Hyosung motorcycles appear and ride like they have more engine then they really do, allowing new motorcycle riders to ride without having more power than they can control.

Experienced riders who have learned that they don’t want big engines find value in Hyosung bikes from their lower sticker price. Similarly sized name brand motorcycles in the US sell for much more.

Some people prefer to buy Hyosung motorcycles and scooters online even though they have a local dealer nearby. This allows them to "defer" (wink, wink) the sales tax due on their purchase as online dealers only have to collect sales tax on purchases to customers in their own operating state. Hyosung Motorcycles can be purchased online from AllProPowersports.com.

While Hyosung may be relatively new to the US market, they have over 20 years of research and devolopment to their credit and have been building motorcycles and scooters for 30 years. While most motorcycles enthusiast would be happier with a more well known brand in the US, Hyosung is certainly finding it's niche in the US market and it appears that they're here to stay. And so are other new brands of cheap motorcycles in the U.S.

If you are considering buying a Hyosung motorcycle or scooter online, we highly recommend that you read our article "Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter" before making your purchase so that you are prepared for what to expect.

Hyosung Motorcycles:

GT 250 Comet
GV 250 Aquila
GT 250R
GT 650
GT 650S
GT 650R Comet
GV 650 Avitar
MSRP - $3,399
MSRP - $3,499
MSRP - $3,799
MSRP - $5,099
MSRP - $5,499
MSRP - $5,899
MSRP - $6,299

Hyosung Scooters:

MS3 250c
MSRP - $1,299
MSRP - $1,699
MSRP - $4,299
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