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50cc - 150cc - 250cc                                    Information, Resources, and Tips to Help You Buy the Right Motor Scooter  
We recommed that you read our article "Tips for Servicing Your Online Purchased Scooter" before purchasing a scooter online.

Hyosung GT250R 250cc Motorcycle:

Specification & Capacity  Full length(inch)   81.9
 Full width(inch)   29.9
 Full height(inch)   44.1
 Ground clearance(inch)   7.1
 Wheel Base(inch)(inch)   56.9
 Seat height(inch)   30.7
 Dry Weight(lbs)   330.7
Engine  Engine system   4 storke Air/Oil cooled
 Number of cylinder   2 (v-twin )
 Displacement(cc)   249
 Cam shaft   DOHC 8 VALVES
 Carburetor   Mikuni BDS26
 Starter system   Electric
 Horse Power   27
Transmission  Clutch   Wet Multi-Plate Type
 Gear Box   5 speed
Body  Tire (Front)   110/70-17 54H
 Tire (Rear)   150/70-17 69H
 Suspension (Front)   Telescopic
 Suspension (Rear)   Swing Arm
 Brake (Front)   Dual DISK
 Brake (Rear)   Single DISK
Capacity  Fuel tank(gal)   4.5
Warranty  Year   2
Hyosung Motorcycle
THe Hyosung GT250R has an MSRP of $3,799, which gives you a 250cc motorcycle that can get upwards of 70 MGP and reach top speeds of 80 MPH. This is a great motorcycle for beginning riders because of the light clutch which makes it easy to shift in stop and go city traffic, as well as accelerating on hills.

Despite it having a 250cc engine, like most Hyosung 250cc motorcycles it does not handle, ride, look, or feel, like small motorcycle. It looks, handles, and rides like a bigger bike without giving the beginner motorcycle rider more engine than they can handle.

If you are looking to save on gas money, have never riden a motorcycle, and don't want to purchase a scooter, the Hyosung GT250R (and other Hyosung motorcycles) should be highly considered. Some people prefer to buy this motorcycle online in order to "defer" the sales tax due on their purchase.The Hyosung GT250R can be purchased online from AllProPowersports.com.

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