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Honda Scooters:

Honda is a manufacturing giant with the undisputable title of history's all-time scooter sales leader. From the Aeros, Leads and Sprees of the past to the Elites, Metropolitans and Ruckus today, it's easy to see the overwhelming volume (and diversity) of Honda scooters produced over the last 50 years.

After a brief stint manufacturing all-steel, "classic"-style scooters in the 1950s, Honda stopped producing scooters altogether by the mid-1960s to focus on the less expensive Cub series. Honda eventually re-enter the scooter fray in 1980, exporting hugely to the rest of the world while setting up factories abroad — including one in Italy, smack in the main competition's backyard.

The 80's also saw the release of many classic Honda scooter commercials, featuring 80's celebrities such as NFL SuperBowl Quarterback Jim McMahon, the pop rock group Devo, and singers Grace Jones and Adam Ant.

Honda's re-entry into the scooter market produced what is now affectionately known as the "modern scooter." So what exactly makes one scooter classic and another modern? The most obvious difference is in the construction and styling. Bodywork with contemporary, sharper-angled shaping replaced the roundish, all-steel aprons of the classic models. And fully automatic transmissions were opted for over the manually shifted gearboxes of the older design.

All in all, these new scooters were lighter weight, less expensive to produce, vastly more fuel-efficient and virtually effortless to ride. Even the most novice of pilots could master the simple, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation in no time.

Today, the last of Honda's inaugural batch of "modern" scooters can be found in the ozone-friendlier four-stroke Elite 80. If you fancy more of a Euro-style, classic scooter, there's always the Metropolitan. And for those seeking the ultimate minimalist form of expression, look to the Ruckus.

Silver Wing 582cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $8099

Silver Wing ABS 582cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $8599

Reflex 249cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $5549

Reflex ABS 249cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $6049

Reflex Sport 249cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $5549

Reflex Sport ABS 249cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $6049

Helix 244cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $5349

Elite 80 80cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $2399

Metropolitan 49cc Honda Scooter - MSRP: $2049

Ruckus 49cc Honda Scooter - MSRP $2149

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