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50cc - 150cc - 250cc                                    Information, Resources, and Tips to Help You Buy the Right Motor Scooter  
RoadRunner iScooters

Quality and Service at an Online Price! Two Year Warranty on Every RoadRunner iScooter!

RoadRunner iScooter Lineup:

Gas Saving 50cc

Classic 50cc

Classic 150cc

Speedster 50cc

Speedster 150cc

Retro Vespa 150cc

Touring 150cc

Touring 250cc

Race 250cc

The scooters to the right are not RoadRunner iScooters, but are available from EVOsales.com: Jonway 250cc

Viper 260cc


EVOsales Online Motor Scooter Store:

RoadRunner iScooter Scooters

EVOsales has been distributing and selling scooters online since 2002. What really has set them apart from other online dealers is that a few years ago they began their own brand of scooters, the RoadRunner iScooter series, and backs them up with a two years parts warranty. And even after the warranty ends they provide access to official RoadRunner scooter parts via www.iScooterParts.com.

With their brand name of scooters EVOsales has proven they know how to support what they sell. The success of their RoadRunner brand has been so big that as of the date of this review (7/1/08) all nine models of the RoadRunner iScooter series were sold out. Guess the first summer of $4 and up gas will do that to even the best of them.

Another thing we like about EVOSales is the owner, Rony Cohen, frequently visits and contributes to online scooter forums. He is actively involved in the online scooter community, which allows him to produce a product people are demanding. Rony also maintains the quality control of his product. When EVOsales places an order with their manufacturer, Rony flies to China and has each RoadRunner iScooter tested before EVOsales accepts it from the manufacturer. This kind of quality control does not exist with many other online scooter dealers, who typically have the scooter they sell to you drop shipped. "Drop shipped" means the scooter is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you without the dealer ever seeing or touching it.

EVOsales also does not play games with their prices like many other online dealers do. The price EVOsales lists for a scooter includes the price of shipping, including the price of liftgate service. Without liftgate service it is the responsbility of the receiver (you) to get the scooter off the back of the truck. Liftgate service is more because shipping companies that deal with such large freight usually deliver to businesses with loading docks. Other online dealers don't include the cost of shipping in the cost of the scooter, and with the few that do liftgate service isn't always included in the shipping. Be careful of shipping costs when buying from a dealer other than EVOsales. You may find that even though the scooter costs less than EVOsales, after shipping and liftgate service, it could end up being far more (and without a two year warranty as well).

Even after years of online scooter selling (since 2002) EVOsales is one of the few online motor scooter dealers to maintain good standing with the Better Business Bureau, of which they've been a member in Los Anagels since 2004. While no online scooter dealer is perfect, we've found EVOsales to be one of the best online scooter dealers around based on price and after the sale support.

In addition to motor scooters and motorcycles EVOsales also carries Dirt Bikes, Mini Choppers, Super Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Kids ATVs, Kids Scooters, Snow ATVs, and Go-Karts..
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