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Electric Scooter

The Truth About the Vectrix Electric Scooter

The Vectrix Electric Scooter is getting a lot of national attention due to the recent high prices of gas. With claims of more than 60 MPH speeds and a range of 70 miles on one battery charge, it sounds a lot like the Vectrix is taking a serious position as being a reasonable alternative to a gas powered motor scooter.

However, despite the raving reviews on the Vectrix found on other websites, we've found that one needs to read between the lines before spending $11,000 on this electric scooter, and then getting 20 miles from the house only to find the battery completely drained.

Claiming the 60 MPH speeds and the 70 mile range in the same sentence is incredibly misleading regarding this electric scooter. Yes, it can go over 60 miles per hour... but at a constant 60 miles per hour it has a range of only 20 miles. And yes, it does have a range of 70 miles... when driving at a constant 25 miles per hour. These stats are pulled directly from the Vectrix website:

Constant Speed Range
25 mph 65 miles
35 mph 54 miles
40 mph 48 miles
45 mph 44 miles
50 mph 36 miles
60 mph 20 miles

Also, it appears that the way you drive the Vectrix Electric Scooter can even produce less performance than those posted on the Vectrix website. When one reads the Q&A section it's found that "The greater the acceleration the faster you are depleting the energy in the battery pack. The harder and more frequently you accelerate the more adversely you will affect the range of your Maxi-Scooter." It would appear that if one likes to drive the scooter at 60 MPH... AND accelerate hard from stoplights, it could put the rider 10 to 15 miles away from home when the battery drains. For many, that wouldn't even get them to work, let alone back home.

From the Q&A we also see that weight greatly affects the numbers. It appears the numbers are based on a 180 lb rider. But given the two-thirds of Americans are officially in the "overweight" range, just an additional 50 lbs, would produce a 7.3% increase in the amount of energy used from the battery per mile. Thus the average American motorcycle rider, who is known to drive fast, who is known to accelerate hard, and who is known to be overweight, is likely to get about 10 miles on a full charge with this bike.

Ultimately the net result may be good for Americans, as when the bike battery drains the overweight rider is going to be forced to get some exercise when he has to walk.

All jokes aside, we see the Vectrix Electric Bike as a niche solution... a VERY niche solution. In fact we're not even sure what that niche is. Obviously there are uses for such an electric scooter, but we don't see how those uses jusitufy the $11,000 price tag. Especially when the X-Treme XM-3500Li Electric Motorcycle puts up similar speeds and range for a sticker price around $5,000.

The bottom line is if you're looking to get an electric scooter as a way to save gas, and you need to go more than 60 miles an hour, do yourself a favor and get a 250cc motor scooter instead. It won't leave you stranded.

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