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The X-Treme XM-3500Li Electric Motorcycle

The XM-3500Li Electric Motorcycle is the first street legal electric motorcycle that runs on Lithium batteries. With a 3500 Watt rear hub motor that utilizes REGEN capability (more on this below), the XM-3500Li Electric Motorcycle produces driving distances and speeds similar to the Vectrix, but for less than half the sticker price of the Vectrix (XM-3500li - around $5,000/Vectrix - $11,000).

This electric motorcycle can go up 80 miles on a single charge assuming you drive a constant 25 miles per hour. The bike can also go a constant 60 miles per hour but this is going to reduce the range of the bike to around 20 miles.

Utilizing the REGEN capability extends the range of the scooter. When any vehicle brakes, including automobiles, energy is lost. It escapes as heat in the brakes and tires as friction is used to slow the vehicle down. REGEN takes some of the energy that escapes during braking and puts it back into the battery. This is accomplished simply by putting the throttle into reverse while you brake. While doing so would completely foreign to those used to riding gas power motorcycles, this action simply reverses the electrical fields in the electric motor which cause electricity to go back into the battery as the vehicle slows.

While other electric motorcycles, like the Vectrix, also have REGEN capability, the value of this electric motorcycle (beyond the sticker price) is the Lithium batteries, which have a life of 7 to 10 years and can be charged up to 2000 times, with proper battery care.

The XM-3500Li began shipping in the summer or 2008 and supplies will be limited on the first batch. If you want one, you should order it soon.

With today's gas prices electric motorcycles are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional transportation, as long as the motorcycle doesn't come with an $11,000 price tag like the Vectrix. With a price tag of around $5,000 just a few years of driving will save enough on gas to pay for the purchase of this electric motorcycle. For some people it could take nearly 10 years to pay for a Vectrix.

All the hype the Vectrix is getting is greatly misplaced. If you're looking for an electric motorcycle, this is the one that makes sense.

The XM-3500Li Electric Motorcycle can be purchased from Amazon.com and The Go Store.

The Three-Wheel Bonzai from GlobalTrailer.net. 150cc air cooled, 11 HP, top speed: 45 MPH. Only $2,924.95

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