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Ebay Online Motor Scooter Sales:

If you've read our "Where to Buy a Motor Scooter" article, you know that Ebay is a risky place to buy a motor scooter if you need any kind of support after the sale.

This is due to the vast number of Ebay scooter sellers who are just someone listing Ebay auctions from their basement, and then has a distributor send a scooter directly to the winning bidder. When the winning bidder receives a big crate in their drive way, and runs into a problem in setting their new scooter up, the guy on Ebay isn't available to help and it's not the distributors responsibility to help you either. The same problem occurs when you have a warranty claim.

However, not all scooter sellers on Ebay are like that. Some real scooter stores do sell their scooters on Ebay, and as is the case with a lot of items on Ebay, sometimes you can pick something up at a really good price. The problem is finding sellers on Ebay that are actual real scooters stores, and not some guy in his basement.

We have found these Ebay sellers to be real motor scooter and motorcycle stores: Wildfire Scooters; Cycle World of Cherry Hill, New Jersy; and Dixie Cycle. There are likely a few more, and as we find them we will update this page.

To the right is current motor scooter listings on Ebay. Please... PLEASE, contact the dealer before you buy. When you do find a real scooter store selling though Ebay, you can expect that help will be available when your scooters arives, as well as expect them to live up to their end of the warranty for the product you bought.

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