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BMS Scooters

BMS scooters are produced by BMS Motorsports. BMS is located in City of Industry, CA, with a 40,000 square foot warehouse, and is an importer of China built motor scooters, ATVs, dune buggies, go karts, and dirt bikes. Some scooter dealers who were disappointed during the early stages of Roketa have opted to pick up BMS scooters instead. Whether or not that places BMS quality above Roketa's is up for debate, as Roketa has improved a lot since their first introduction to the US market. Without getting into that debate, BMS stands on it's own as one of the better China built scooters that a consumer can buy online. This may have a lot to do with their decision to stick with ZNEN as their manufacturer of choice.

Prices listed below verified as of 1/17/2011.

150cc BMS Scooters:

The BMS GrandPrix 150:
$1250.00 at Family-Motorsports.com
The BMS BeMine 150:
$1099.00 at MishiPowersports.com
$1199.00 at Family-Motorsports.com
The BMS Sabor-Tooth Tiger 150:
$1299.00 at Family-Motorsports.com
The BMS V9 evo 150:
$1250.00 at Family-Motorsports.com
The BMS Zen King 150:
$1299.00 at Family-Motorsports.com
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